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About Adam

Who is Adam? The Man, The Myth, The Legend! Just kidding, The Husband, The Father, The Founder of Regrow Hair Clinics.

Seriously though, Adam is a bit of a legend when it comes to understanding hair. After fulfilling more than 30,000 consultations in hair loss and scalp conditions for one of the world’s largest companies in medical hair loss, there really isn’t much that he doesn’t know when it comes to your hair woes. He cares about your concerns, and he knows how to treat it. Not only that, but he knows how to treat it without the nasty chemicals by using scientifically proven natural active ingredients. Your hair is in safe hands with Regrow.

So how did Adam come to work for one of the world’s leading companies in medical hair loss solutions?

One of my children’s favourite stories that Nanna tells them about Adam proves he was destined to be in the hair care industry from a really young age. From when he was about 4 years old, he would jump out of the bath, run through the house soaking wet to his bedroom, where he would carefully comb his hair until every follicle was in place, before running back to the bathroom, still wet, leaving puddles of water wherever he went. Driving Nanna crazy of course! Once he was dry and dressed, he would run back to comb his hair again. Making sure no follicle was left unattended.

His passion for hair grew throughout the years. His friends from his younger days would tell me that there wasn’t a surface reflection unused when Adam was around. He would fix up his hair whenever he saw one. Having been with Adam for nearly 20 years, I can confirm that his locks have definitely had more attention than the average head of hair.

So, you can imagine his devastation when aged 21, he noticed that his hair wasn’t as thick as it once was. Not one to sit around waiting for the ‘inevitable’, he went out and started investigating the different methods of fixing his hair loss. Skipping over the crazy so-called methods, such as onion skins on your head, he came across an Australian company that were leading the market in pharmaceutical hair restoration methods. After having such great results, he gave up his career in finance to go and work with them direct.

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Regrow Hair Clinics Our Story

He spent 12 years at this company, finishing up as the National & International Manager. He spent countless years flying all around Australia, UK & New Zealand, setting up and overseeing medical hair centres. He knows firsthand how it feels when your hair starts to fall out, and his favourite part of the job was helping his clients, of which he saw more than 30,000.

We all have turning points in our lives, and I like to think I was one of those. His wife, his better half! I think my passion for all things healthy rubbed off on him, and he ended up having one of those ‘Ah ha’ moments. No longer wanting to hand out pharmaceuticals to his clients, he went in search of a more natural way.

Having known there were scientifically proven DHT blockers out there (DHT = the hormone that makes you lose your hair), and that hair would respond to certain protein builders, he set off in search of someone with his same passion and knowledge. He soon found another Australian family-owned business that not only produced some amazing natural products but, whose award-winning facilities are also off grid. Our environmentally conscious manufacturers use solar panels for power, and they capture the pristine rainwater from the Gold Coast Hinterland which they then treat with ozone. This ensures your hair receives the very best minerals ever! Because even demineralised tap water wasn’t good enough for us.

Et Voila! Regrow Hair Clinics was born.

So now you know a bit about Adam, the man standing proud behind the product. We would love you to check out our products and give them a go. Remember, early intervention is key in saving those luscious locks of yours and we are sure you won’t regret it.
Love Kristy xx