About our 3 Step at Home Hair Treatment for Hair Regrowth.

(Shampoo, Conditioner & Tonic)

This depends on a lot of different factors, mainly your age and how long you have been losing hair for.  As we know, everyone is different, but you can expect to see results in 3 to 6 months.  For some people it is quicker, and others may take a little longer.

Yes, you should see great results by using the shampoo, conditioner and tonic.  For an extra oomph, don’t forget our gorgeous Rose Gold Derma Roller.

This is influenced by many varying factors.  As a basic rule, most people will be able to grow back approximately last two years of hair loss (for some it will be more and unfortunately for some it will be less).  This is a broad example as it will depend on the person themselves and why they are losing it.  There are so many varying factors when losing hair.  It’s important to note here that prevention is definitely a better option, the sooner you engage in Hair Loss products, the better your outcome.

We recommend using all three products (shampoo, conditioner & hair tonic) daily for best results.  For some people though this will be too regular, and they may need to shampoo and condition every second day.  Some people like to use the Hair Tonic twice a day, while others may use it every second day.

Our Hair Growth Serum is used similar to a Hair Growth Oil; however, it doesn’t leave your hair greasy.  Some people use it to help style their hair.

It’s always good to test a spot on your skin before using any new beauty product.  People can react to anything including natural ingredients.  For your peace of mind though, our 3 Step Hair Growth Program has been designed with sensitivities in mind.  Scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis often go hand in hand with hair loss and we have therefore included ingredients to help sooth your scalp.  We have customers telling us it’s fixed their psoriasis all the time.

Always best to discuss this with your treating doctor.  Our advice is that you start to use it after your chemotherapy has been completed as it will not work while you are receiving chemotherapy.  We have received reviews that have told us their “patchy chemo hair” has been fixed by using our products and other’s saying that by using it their hair has grown back thick and even.

We recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding this.  We use a natural ingredient called Saw Palmetto as it is a powerful scientifically proven DHT blocker.  When speaking to you doctor be sure to mention that you would be using it topically in 0.5grams per Litre.  We will leave that to the experts.

About the Derma Roller

No, our Derma Roller does not puncture the skin enough for it to hurt.  It feels more like a prickle.  Don’t be a baby!

You can use the Derma Roller before or after applying the Hair Growth Serum/Tonic.  If you have long hair, it is best to part your hair where you are rolling.  Start at the front hair line and roll to the back of the hair at the crown.  It’s also best to go across this area diagonally as the more directions you do it the better.  Make sure you concentrate on any area you are losing hair.  Pay particular attention to the crown of the head as this is where most people will lose hair but are unable to see it.

As the Derma Roller is making mini punctures in your skin, it is really important to keep it sterilised.  You can use a rubbing alcohol over 60%.  Just pour it over the needles after use and keep it clean in your plastic container it came in.  If you haven’t used it for a while, it might be a good idea to disinfect it before using.  Wait for the alcohol to air dry before using.  Don’t share your Derma Roller – this is an exclusive relationship.

So long as you take really good care of it and use it twice per week, it should last approximately 6 months. We recommend replacing it after that.

Derma Rollers come in all different sizes for all different treatments.  Our needles are 0.3mm long which is the perfect size for using alongside our Regrow Hair Tonic.  They have been designed to slightly puncture the skin and allow our hair tonic to penetrate the epidermal layer.  We do not recommend any longer than 0.5mm with our hair tonic.  Longer needles are designed for use without any serums or tonics or for different parts of the body.

Yes, this size is perfect for micro needling your face which makes your skin naturally create collagen.  We recommend that you use one for your face and a different one for your hair, you should never use it for both.  The scalp and the face have different microorganisms and it is not beneficial to mix the two.  You may end up with a breakout after using it on your scalp and then your face.

It can be used every 2 to 3 days on clean skin before applying moisturiser.  Roll in an up and down motion and then a diagonal motion across the face being careful to avoid the eye area.  Just like using it on your scalp, it must be sterilised each time and replaced after 6 months.

About the Lash & Brow Serum

As everyone is different it is always best to test a patch on your wrist first.  This serum is very concentrated and is aimed at achieving maximin results.

This is one for the Medical Professionals.  We use a natural ingredient called Saw Palmetto as it is a powerful scientifically proven DHT blocker.  Be sure to inform your doctor that it is used topically in a mixture of 0.5g per Litre.  We will leave this question to the experts.

The average life span of an eye lash is 90 days, so we would expect it to take about that long to notice a difference.  Please note, this will be affected by things such as autoimmune disease and age.  Please note if you waxed your brows excessively during the 90’s (didn’t we all) and you haven’t had any brow there for 20 years, they are highly unlikely to come back, however you can expect the brow to thicken and the lashes to grow.

Really as often as you like.  Try doing it once per day for a week before upping it to twice a day.  Once you get the lashes you want, you may even be able to cut back to every second day.

We recommend removing contact lenses before using the serum.  It would also be better to only use it of a night if you wear your lenses during the day.  If you are in doubt we recommend speaking with your optometrist.

Not ours!  No, our Lash & Brow Serum will not change the colour of your irises or the surrounding area of your eyes.

However, yes, there are other Lash Serums out there that will change the colour of your eyes, especially lighter coloured eyes.  These serums contain prostaglandins (growth hormones).  Prostaglandins will come with different names. Best to do your research before buying other brands as there are a lot out there that contain different growth hormones.  Or just feel safe and buy ours.

It’s highly unlikely to affect your extensions, however, your extensions will modify Regrow Lash & Brow Serum’s effectiveness.  Unfortunately, the glue and heaviness of the lash extension will have a negative impact on the growth and stability of your lashes.  Saying that, if you have lash extensions, we highly recommend you use a product like ours to keep your lashes as strong and thick as possible.  Regrow Lash & Brow Serum will thicken your lashes and give more to your lash technician to work with.

No, it shouldn’t affect the process of lamination and may be a great thing to use as it will keep your brows in tip top condition.  Lamination can tend to be a bit drying to the hair follicle.  The only problem is you may have extra hairs growing extra fast.  When applying the brow serum, ensure you massage in the direction of your follicle.

Not at all, in fact you may find that your natural brows grow well enough that you don’t need to have it done again, or at least as much done.